Monday, January 11, 2010

glutton for linguistic punishment.

After a week of classes I am trying to unscramble this linguistic matrix in my head.

In high school it was Japanese. In college, i eeked my way through French class. My twenties were drenched in Italian. As difficult as the challenges are when learning a new language, and coupled with the little success i have had with my previous attempts I never forget the tremendous benefit of communicating with people in their native tongue.  Why not try Spanish, fourth times a charm.

A brief update on my status here in San Cristobal. I am living in a home stay, that is to say i am the newest member of a mexican family who has agreed to host me during my month long linguistic experiment. It's more of a hybrid mexican family, with the father originally from Switzerland and the mother from San Cristobal, and the two kids Didier 10 and Elisa 4. My entrance into this family could be one of the most amazingly random gifts I have ever received in all my travels. They have made me feel at home and as far as i can tell consider me one of the family. 

I have completed my first week of spanish classes, the task is immense. Starting from scratch, learning every aspect of language from the ground up. I often say things wrong, having the little girl Elisa, laugh right out of her high chair when I mistakenly say for example "Nice to meet you beans" rather than "I like beans a lot" mixing up the order of the words in spanish can create some very entertaining mistakes.

Nuff said. I better get back to my studies.

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