Saturday, January 22, 2011

PHOTO ESSAY: lost in the mix

I'm being reminded how "blogs are tossed into the electronic ether like rolled-up notes floating in virtual bottles" while watching bald eagles dive bomb each other in aerial attacks out the window of my corner office here at home.  These airborne symbols of American patriotism seem to be camera shy so i'm still waiting to post a shot of them.

Nothing like a Saturday spent battling this blog page, trying to make little adjustments here and there. Being as technically challenged as I am, it's been a tedious few hours. I have also been tending to the time consuming transfer of photos from my netbook (which I use on the road) to a larger laptop I use at home.

Here's a few pics that caught my eye.
A few... as in 14.  Click on photos to enlarge-

Night falls over Paris
Frenchmen belting one out

Jardin des Tuileries, Paris

Along the Seine

Somewhere among the French Alps

In front of the Louvre 

A Camille Claudel sculpture

Horse trading can be tiring

Kyrgyz girl snacking

Kyrgyz family photo

Kyrgyz boys being boys

Big Ben being shy

An afternoon in the park

"Mom, who's this guy taking our photo?"

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