Sunday, January 2, 2011

Where we at? Who's left?

In the nerdy world of blogging, it seems the only thing more sinister than neglecting to post is making preemptive excuses for not making future posts. However, to the remaining few who are still following, bare with me and my notes as they adjust to the small town in America's northwestern corner, where I will refuel my bank account, regain some ground I lost with old friends and take a breather from life on the road.
I will do my best to keep the lights on, but be warned the photos and the stories will be far from the humanitarian effort in Kyrgyzstan, a long way from the bread oven tucked up on a hillside in the south of France, nowhere near the bike that delivered me over the French Alps, and painfully distant from that bookshop along the Seine.

Here's to a new year. Join me for the odd jobs, the random stories, the long laughs and all else that grows from what my buddy Keat's called Negative Capability.


Lisa Myers said...

Rest assured that anyone who knows you and knows Spokane knows that there is plenty of blog fodder to be had for as long as you are there. I don't think any of us doubts how exhausting it may be to generate all of the thoughts/images/entertainment that we find in your notes from the field but don't fall apart on us now, Myers.

Tenshi Rising said...

Regain, indeed. Micah and I are still here. : )

Jennie said...

I whole heartedly agree--please keep up the witty banter & the amusing and poignant stories of the world around us as told through your eyes. No one tells a story like you do, my dear Mr. Myers!

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