Saturday, February 6, 2010

upper 80s. barefoot. and a 100% chance of procrastination.

There must of have been about a 100 of them. The dolphins were swimming and jumping next to our fishing boat. I laughed with sheer joy at the moment. A moment that of course has a backstory.

On the road in Mexico months ago I had met an old man. We made quick friends and he told me if I was ever near the southern pacific coast of Mexico, he would gladly take me fishing. He said I had to come to the little town of San Agustinillo and ask someone on the beach for Casa de Oso, or Bear's house.

The over dose of San Cristobal along with its cold weather had me on a 13 hour bus ride (over night) to San Agustinillo. I made it to the beach and was about to ask around when I spotted him in a hammock chair. Taking in the sunrise.

This secluded half-dome beach town (if you can call it a town) consists of about 100 residents, about the same amount of tourists, 40+ hammocks stretched along the water's edge. A half dozen fishing boats on either end of the beach. Six small hotels, no more than 2 stories high, which hold about 15 guests each.

I have embraced the true spirit of the beach bum. I have been barefoot for about a week and my time here passes without really doing much of anything. The biggest stress of the day is deciding which fish that was caught in the morning will go on the BBQ tonight.

(sorry, no photos- along with me, the computer/internet connection here also embraces the beach bum attitude.)

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Tenshi Rising said...

At camp on an island...they called me "the Barefoot Princess." There's just something beautifully primal about it. I'm glad to hear of your experience here.

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