Thursday, July 29, 2010

PHOTO ESSAY: Trip to Osh

All of these photos have a story. However, the best I can do for now is post them with short captions. Please click on images to enlarge.

Markhabo takes a big bite of an apple as her mom fills out a form for a grant to rebuild their home and business which was completely destroyed during the clashes in Osh 

A boy waits for his mother to fill out a form that will give them the funds to rebuild their home

I was following a loan officer for the day, part of the grant application was to document the destruction with photos. Here a women stands in disbelief as the loan officer takes her photo.

During the assessment visits, many people would gather around, searching for NGOs and other organizations who are looking to provide help. This man stood with curosity.

Once the form is filled out the businesses owners are given a paper informing them of the process and what will take place in the coming weeks with their application. His wife stands in the background.

Assessing and documenting the damage.

She had a small business, her husband died several years ago and she is raising three kids on her own. She struggled to express what she will do now, without anything left.

Young man delivering plov, a traditional rice dish to different UNHCR tents which were divided into men and women.

In true Uzbek hospitality, I was invited to join them for lunch seconds after I took this photo. They have nothing left, but are always ready to share a meal. It was the highlight of my trip.

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Anthony said...

very moving. You are doing great work there.


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