Monday, August 16, 2010

Photo Essay: Osh Bazaar

Osh Bazaar is a large open air market in the center of Bishkek, which is in large part focused on selling foods, fruits, veg, nuts, etc. It's size however pales in comparison to Dordoi, a massive market located on the outskirts of town which is concerned more with material goods.

Woman selling Kurut, dried balls of salty, sour milk. I am told sucking on a kurut ball while drinking beer is a tasty treat. ...have yet to try that...
Huge sacks of sunflower seeds fill one corner of the Bazaar. This country is crazy for sunflower seeds.
A table full of summer's last strawberries -- walking through this section of the bazaar is like having your nose dive nostrils first into a pool of berries.

Woman in selling ground peppers and spices.
Vendor selling dried fruits and nuts.
A man selling fish and small aquariums.

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