Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother Nature's version of speed dating

The other day I finished a run in the hills behind my house. It was one of those awesomely moody May days in Spokane, the first part of my run it poured rain but still managed to have patches of blue sky and then minutes later the sky spread out into an endless sea of blue with big clouds spaced apart like ships in a harbor.

Finishing my run I grabbed some water and walked down near the creek. I have learned so much from nature, mainly how simply perfect it can be without even trying but also (more recently in connection with this day job i have) is the understanding that without making time to be "in" nature and absorb its splendor you will miss it. All of its little secrets. So now I make a point of walking down by the creek as often as I can to be surrounded by all that mother nature is cooking up for this summer. example:

That's right, mother nature was throwing one of the biggest parties of the year in my backyard. As I stood in amazement at the 4 or 5 clumps of ladybugs on stray weeds, i couldn't help but feel as though I was in NYC looking out from my window to the skyscraper across the street seeing a totally sick rooftop party, wishing to god I could get my funk on with them.

That's when I realized I was wishing I was a ladybug, which made me think I pushed it a little too hard on the run. No, but seriously, this is crazy cool. I mean, what is going on here? This has to be mother natures version of speed dating. Which begs the question: do female ladybugs fall for those same cheesy pickup lines that get tossed around bars across world on any given Saturday night?


Alexandra said...

Probably one of my favorite posts yet. Definitely crazy cool. And dont worry, no judgement will come from people knowing you once wished you were a ladybug...

Brad said...

Alex, i knew you'd like that ladybug pic. Glad to see your name pop up. Just not the same having you make these smart comments from El Salvador rather than in person.

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