Monday, April 30, 2012

When a great soul is silenced

Scott Roy blazing a trail during Ironman CDA 2011
A great man was silenced last night.

I had a prof who used to ask her class "who are your heros?" Scott was my hero. I doubt he had any idea how much his friendship meant to me. The obvious inspiration that he gave me and hundreds more was how to tap the inner athlete in all of us. I hope one day to find his balance of the drive to compete, the love for life, and the commitment to help others realize their goals.

I didn't know him as well as some. But what I saw in Scott I see in very few. He radiated goodness. He had a light inside him. The kind of light that leaves you wanting more. A light that came from some bottomless well of goodness. His smile was the simplest way to see this light. Big, huge smile, constantly smiling. You improved your swim. Big Smile. You ran a personal best. Big Smile. You found a way to improve your transitions. Big Smile. You showed up to practice. Big Smile.

He was a coach's coach. It came natural to him to lift people up. Inspire others the only way he knew how, expressing genuine care for anyone who came to him with a goal. I know this first hand. My mother went to Scott with the goal of completing Ironman CDA 2011. The months leading up to Ironman, and during the event itself I saw why so many people spoke so highly of Scott. He had a special gift to cultivate a courage in my mother to finish that triathlon under unbelievably difficult conditions. They finished Ironman together, crossing the finish line together.

I think of an amazing husband and father and coach, now silenced. Still so much to give this world. Even now, still raw with disbelief, I can't seem to accept that such a great man has been silenced. For all those who knew Scott, peace be with you. And for those who never had the chance, take my word for it, a great man is gone from this world. His light will live on.


Mason said...

Well said Brad, good to see you back here.

Anonymous said...

Yes. To everything you said.

donna said...

His reach was far beyond the average person. He touched so many peoples lives and made every one of us feel like we were special. He helped us all find our inner athlete but he was so much more than a coach. He was a true inspiration - to be a better person than I was yesterday.

John Martinek said...

Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!

Melissa Salazar said...

Beautifully written!

Sheri Lewis Wohl said...

That was beautiful, Brad. Thanks for sharing.

Spokane Al said...

Many of us were better for knowing him, and sadder when he left us.

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