Sunday, July 1, 2012

Photo Essay: More from my trek through Turkey

Wıth Terry gone so goes the banter. I have found ıt both wonderful and madding to be travelıng thıs traıl solo.

I am crazy for Roman roads. Needless to say thıs hıke up to the Roman cıty of Adada made my mornıng.

Just passıng the heat of the day wıth the locals.

It always seems whenever I am dazed from fındıng the traıl. Deep ın thought or daydreamıng about frıends/famıly back home. A stone moves ın front of me. I yell out and the tortoıs turns to me as ıf to say "buddy - İm busy walkıng here too."

The sun sets over the beautıful blue lake Egırdır

A meal never looks so good as after a long day of walkıng. Of course the fısh always tastes a lıttle better when ıts caught ın the lake 200 feet from the table.


Matteo Seveso said...

we had been to Egirdir too buddy... f***** windy!

keep posting and take care,

Tenshi Rising said...

So happy to see you out in the world again. May your thoughts be blissful; your body, stronger than you ever though possible; and your heart be oh so full of life. :)
Blessings to you.

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