Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bentu maestru and amazing beaches in Sardinia

My mother is famous for quoting the idiom "it's an ill wind that blows nobody any good." But as I pushed my pedals in order to go down hill I couldn't help wonder who or what was benefiting from the Mistral (or Bentu Maestru in Sardinian).

The powerful wind that whips down from France started on my second day in Sardinia. The locals have told me it will blow for three days. Taking it slow and steady I head over the middle section of the island, going west to east over the mountains. For now, a few photos from my time along the southern coast.

The beaches of Sardinia have to been seen to be believed. 

Killing some time as I wait for the ferry to reach the small island of San Pietro just off the southwest corner of Sardinia

Flamingos in Sardinia. They glowed pink in the early morning.

Reaching the far side of San Pietro.

The people of Sardinia are proud to be from this island. I have noticed more than one tattoo outlining the island's shape. So it came as no surprise when I saw this mini cooper, sporting the flag of Sardinia.

Kids at play during the rough seas created by the Mistral

Sunset along the coast.

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Extremily said...

awesome photos and of course my heart is a little jealous. I must admit though, i was hoping your sea wall photo was going to show those guys getting taken out by that wave!

Anyway, have a groovy last bit abroad and look forward to some stories when you get back. Hopefully on one of my canadian escapes, you will be around


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