Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kyrgyz cuisine

Fried Lagman (pronounced log-mon) has been the center piece of my diet here in Kyrgyzstan. Originally from Uzbekistan, this dish traveled across the border and found another home in Kyrgyzstan a long time ago.

Similar to stir fry the mix of noodles, chunks of meat and veggies seem better displayed in one of those little, white to-go boxes you get with Chinese food. However, these noodles are often made fresh and hand rolled- making them far superior to anything associated with cheap take-out.

Tender pieces of lamb, large slices of bell peppers and onions, and an intimidating amount of garlic are all tossed together in an oily fry pan. The lagman often arrives too hot to eat immediately and is almost always paired with a loaf of lepeshka. The meal is washed down with black or green tea, the drink of choice here in Central Asia. I have never drank so much tea in all my life.

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Anthony said...

You need to learn how to make this so we can have it when you are back in the states.

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