Thursday, September 2, 2010


Of all the history that surrounds London none seems to match the mystic of The Globe Theatre. For the price of five pounds (about $7.50) I stood like a "groundling" in the pit last night and watched Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors. Thought to be one of the first plays he wrote, The Comedy of Errors was amazingly funny and a testament to Shakespeare's emerging genius.
A beautiful open air theatre, The Globe was reconstructed in 1997 based on records of Shakespeare's Globe (built in 1599) which burned to the ground in 1613 because of theatrical cannon that misfired during a performance of Henry VIII.


Norma said...

Amazing pictures and stories. I love the coffee house story. The globe theatre looks just like the pictures I have seen. Great job!!

Francie King said...

The Globe is amazing....your blog makes me want to win the lottery so I can travel....Hope you are well.

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