Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fishing for Doradas at the market in Vaison

Front entrance to the farm house. Built in 1790, it's not a bad place to call home for a while.
The topic of discussion on the way back from the market in Vaison la Romaine (la Romaine because of the ancient Roman ruins in the city center) was Foie Gras (we had just bought some at the [french] super market, it's currently "out of season" -- so we, Chef and I, bought frozen Foie Gras, shhhh, dont tell anyone.) This lesson in questionable French cuisine took place as we ripped around corners in the beat up Peugeot (1980's), the fresh baguette danced from one side of the dash board to the other as the countryside whizzed by.

Seeing as I am the Chef's assistant it only makes sense that we took a walking tour of the beautiful little town of Vaison after we bought the Doradas (fish) for the first dinner at the cooking class, you know, some of that fresh white meat, caught yesterday just off the coast of Marseille.

Chef putting the finishing touches on dessert.
It was a rainy day in Provence, but the market went on regardless. We bought eggplant, then the fish, then tasted samples of some amazing nougat which Vaison is famous for, then bought some fruits, and finally the quintessentail baguette.

A view of the countryside as I eat and drink my way through the south of France.
I better run, my Creme Brulee is getting cold.


Lisa Myers said...

I am sorry but after reading your last comment after 14 hour under fluorescent lights at the office, I have to say it...enjoy your Brulee, you little bugger.

Anonymous said...

soooooo jealous of you being up there!! and yeah..how do you dare use the frozen Foie Gras.... (irony?)..didnt know you could freeze grass, got plenty of that here in the Pampas...foie sounds fancier though... :)

Richie Myers said...

Looks like your in Chef's good books. Keep it up. He looks hardcore.

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