Sunday, November 21, 2010

Indoor inspiration on a rainy Sunday.

I bumped and nudged my way through a crowd of fashion forward photography fans, bright colored sneakers, thin sweater vests paired with facial hair growths of different shapes and lengths, the quintessential camera draped over the chest. iPhones rang with various house ring-tones, foreign mouths practiced their English skills in this very international setting as I took in the view of some amazing photographs.

I was underground near the Louvre getting lost in a massive photography exhibition entitled Paris Photo, thousands of photos some modern some very old were on display for the weekend. Paris becomes photo friendly for the month of November with outdoor exhibits across the city.

One minute I was staring at an Elk's head on a table, a clean cut, the head sat upright on a pristine white table in a snow covered background, a minute later I was replaying the debate I had recently read about regarding the authenticity of Capa's “Falling Solider”. I stood staring at the print for a moment amazed at the image itself and the controversy that surrounds it. And glancing down I was equally amazed at the € 22,500 price tag.

Having spent a few hours wandering, I walked back out into a rainy Sunday in Paris feeling inspirational overload. It was great to see such a wide collection of images, both in terms of challenging one's own eye and appreciating those who have created something beautifully original.

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Tenshi Rising said...

Damnit, Brad...I've caught up. For the last few weeks I have read a handful of entries while putting Micah down for bed. Now I'll have to wait a few days before reading only one entry! What will I do every night? And how did I not know you had this blog?! I'm happy to have come across it when I did though, because it has been most thrilling to experience your world for the past year in a few short weeks. You are beautiful. I hope to see you sooner rather than later.

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