Thursday, November 18, 2010

365 days with a few stories in between...

What's in a year? This little bit of electronic banter that I have been posting turns one year old today. A select few have followed from the beginning, but for those who have picked up along the way, what follows are links to some highlights that happened over the course of this awesome year. Click on the caption to read the full story...

A 1978 VW van, two of my closest friends, the rolling hills of Big Sur out the left window with endless blue pacific ocean off to the right.

(Mexican) food in Mexico City

An impromptu Poinsettia history lesson

A trip through the heart of Southern Mexico

A traditional afternoon fiesta

My brief affair with Spanish

A sweet life- being a Mexican beachbum in the tiny town of San Agustinillo

A memory of my Grandpa Vic

Sink or swim in a former Soviet Republic

Lenin is alive and well, and relocated

Finding compassion in Kyrgyzstan

Rafting the Chui River in Kyrgyzstan

What I will miss about Kyrgyzstan

Visiting London...

Learning the finer points of French cooking in Provence

Biking over the French Alps


norma said...

It is great to see this all laid out. I cannot believe it has been a year. What a journey! I loved reviewing the experiences through your writing and your photos.

Pat Bognar said...

Thanks, Brad! I went on your tour, and it was really great--most places I've never been to, and the Lenin story is a good one! and your photos are great! Thanks for sharing them. the photo exhibits in Paris sound really interesting--wish I could be there to see them! Have more and more fun!

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