Saturday, November 21, 2009

Made it to Malibu.

A hard rain and strong wind accompanied us on the drive down the coast yesterday, blowing the van all over the road, but the storm subsided in the evening and welcomed us to Big Sur with some awesome views. And a highlight of the day was stopping off to see the elephant seals, some of whom enjoyed picking fights.

We rolled into Sand Dollar beach campground in the evening, made some dinner in the van, pasta and steamed veg. laughed and shared late into the night. In the morning it was back on the road to make it down to Malibu where we were going to meet up with Alex's sister for the night. It was great weather, and driving along the california 1 I realized of all the places I have traveled to, this piece of coastline is as beautiful as anywhere else in the world.

Tomorrow- meet up with the group in San Diego, a 4 hour drive from Malibu. And then across the border to begin the week of bulding cement homes in Tijuana.

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Alexandra said...

Brad. We're honored to make the all time post list. Probo. Week old pasta left overs. peanut butter hoardings. And of course warm Good times. Awesome. Hope you're well friend.

Alex and Matt

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