Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On the road (again).

My destination was Mexcio but I had one good reason for making a stopover in San Francisco. Tickets to see Ray LaMontagne. His voice, perpetually hoarse and distincly orginal had an element of intrigue that drew me to see him live. would he live up to his persona, saying little to the crowd, hidden away on stage without a spotlight? I expected all these introverted rumors to be true. As it turned out it none of them were. He talked at length about his songs, made jokes, and played with a level of genuine passion one rarely finds in music today. It was an amazing performance.

A chilly San Francisco night greeted everyone who poured out of the small venue, the brisk sea breeze whipped across California St., my arm drapped over Tess, (a friend of mine who joined me for the show), we both agreed it was a spiritual experience. A moment when one's existence seems to make that much more sense thanks in large part to the power of music.

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