Friday, November 20, 2009

let the adventure begin.

7. 7;30. 8:30. time has little meaning to a 1978 VW Van. it was torture waiting for my friends to arrive. but alas, close to nine at night i stood on the corner of parker and california street and watched as the brown beast rolled to a stop.

we laughed and i listened as they told me of all the mini adventures that took place on their drive down from Vancouvor B.C. to the bay area. and where else would we go to drink but on the corner of Haight Ashberry. If you start to notice my constant name dropping of life in a VW van it is because i am awakning a surprising desire i have always had to travel, without reservations and/or restrictions in such an iconic mode of transport. life is good. today we are headed for Big Sur, yes, in a VW Van. oh yeah, and for music we have a radio (shown in photo) that you have to crank for a minute to play for 20 minutes, something useful out in the wilderness or in a VW Van.

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