Thursday, December 3, 2009

thanksgiving "Tijuana" style.

I spent the week of thanksgiving in Tijuana. I was there to help build cement brick homes for people who applied for help through an organization call Esperanaza ("hope" in spanish). much more can be said about what i experienced than what you will find here in this posting or in the one photo for that matter. It was a powerful experience. I have never worked so hard since living on 180 acres as a kid. Most often i was helping with the cement mixer. All 12 of us, ranging in reasons as to why we were here, worked hard until 1 then the family that was getting help with there home would provide lunch. Some of the most amazing food I will ever eat. the week ended i was left forever changed by the experience and by seeing a side of Tijuana that never gets much airtime on the nightly news.

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