Friday, December 11, 2009

culinary conquest.

Within the confines of the quaint neighborhood Condesa (Mexico City) there can be found Taqueria HOLA.  Mexican food has long been a favorite of mine but since crossing the border i realize i was only inside the cave, consuming illusions of this iconic cuisine. Now, armed with a few pesos and a insatiable appetite I feel like the Cortés of the culinary world.  American fast food chains abound in the city except for Taco Bell... I wonder why.

Hola, is a cement slice on a quiet side street. For 3 bucks i had two tacos and a glass of agua (or water flavored by fruit juice) todays´ tasted like guava.

A corn tortilla, lightly flavored rice, black beans, marinated chicken/beef and some crumbly white cheese, nothing flashy, (although there were more additions one could choose from). There in lies the beauty- keep it simple stupid.

Ordering one taco is more like two- as they account for the overflow with an additional tortilla...

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