Monday, December 7, 2009

Crickets for dinner with 22 million of my closest friends

Getting the lay-of-the-land from my friend Carlos over some beers.

A look from Plaza de la Constitucion, the largest square in Mexico City

Arriving only a few days ago, it is hard to say what to make of this monolithic mexican city so far. I have the luxury of living with a local while i am here which makes this urban monster feel a little more homey than if i was holed up in a hostel. and of course being with a local also provides for some regional revelations such as having dried crickets for dinner the other night at a bar of all places. turns out they are a staple food in Oaxaca, (southern mexico). i guess i had had just enough to drink to think this was a good idea. they came in a clear plastic bag, in a small dish accompanied with lime slices, for flavoring. needless to say i will have to go back and do it all over again as i didn´t get any photos for proof.

A street performer letting loose on a couch shell much to the delight of young women passing by

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Jennie said...

We definitely need some photographic evidence of that delicacy. I'm intrigued!

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