Thursday, January 27, 2011


Inside Eric's workshop I stood staring at the beautiful eight foot long custom built tug boat he just finished building with a single thought on repeat, "PLEASE COME TRUE!"

My entire being was overcome with the wish to see a pack of boisterous gnomes run out from different hiding places in the shop, each one making a speedy circle around my towering legs before converging along the base of the tug boat, cursing and swearing like sailors while taking positions, then hoisting it upon their tiny shoulders they charge down to the lake, bursting into fits of loud laughter as they pile inside, making a clean get-away. All of this organized chaos unfolding with such a high degree of bewilderment neither Eric nor I have time to respond.

Sadly, even the little bit of lingering I did before saying goodbye couldn't make my wish come true.  The best I can do is head on down to the Spokane boat show where this great little tug boat (commissioned by the Spokane Yacht Club) will be proudly displayed, trusting that by day's end most of it will be marked with tiny foot prints, not from gnomes but from nice, little (human) children.

I know, tragic but true.

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Kirsten said...

Good imagination, Brad! :) Now if you were on Facebook, this could automatically update there and tell all your friends to check the blog, rather than Alycia reminding us to on her FB page. :)

Did she tell you your car horn sounds like a car rattling apart? That's why it's tough to get my attention on the roadway when all I hear is rattle from some little compact car next to me. :)

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