Sunday, February 27, 2011

a shot of zen

It's 11:05pm on Sunday night and I'm running on fumes. I've been running around with a camera at Coldsmoke this past weekend. It's a (ski) powder festival at Whitewater, an awesome ski hill in Nelson B.C. It was for work, you know, this new job I landed has me running around chasing seasonal outdoor adventure, not long from now it will transition into rock climbing.

Lots could be written about the time I had up in Canada the last few days. If you ever get the chance. Go to Nelson. Such a sweet town. My short recommendation has nothing to do with the fact that I'm Canadian at heart or that it was amazing skiing, or that the town itself is a beautiful patch of wonderful restaurants and lots of independent shops all of which is surrounded by soaring mountains and pristine lakes.

But attempting to go beyond the banter, below is the beginning of a new goal which coincides with a new camera. I am going to enter the world of video. With tiny steps I will be adding short videos (along with the usual photos) to this blog.

short. simple. videos.
like this one. a shot of zen.

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