Friday, March 11, 2011

Some ends and odds...

I have my very own rock climbing harness. It was thanks in large part to having very little experience climbing that I pulled the trigger on my own climbing gear the other day. I hope this will become a new hobby of mine. Go out and try it if you haven't. It's the body's way of solving a sudoku. Positioning your hands and feet in such a way as to move up. Not for a minute am i going to pretend i have a clue as to what I am talking about, yet, but in the mean time, check out this video. There is having guts and then there is this kid:

And then there is the ending in American Beauty. The ending of certain movies stay with me. forever. Kevin Spacey along with the music from Thomas Newman is a combination that has inspired me for years. It's that feeling I'm addicted to, how words and film and music come together to instill some powerful piece of wisdom. Maybe its just me, and i'm fine with that, i know i'm a little off but check out it for yourself:

and finally, the other night after work I met up with my friend Matt. At the checkerboard. Entering this seedy/wicked cool East Sprague establishment for the first time. None of it that notable, just a kid in a small town drinking cheap beer sharing thoughts about work, stories about the week, of a friend who just had a baby named Charley, and about a dear friend who is sick in the hospital without knowing what is wrong with him. All the while a deep rumble under the ocean blue was stirring a massive shake off the coast of Japan. The bartender slipped on a record, an actual record on the player, The Specials, the first track began to play and life, beautifully unmoved by any problems big or small, continued second by second to the sound of this great song:

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Tenshi Rising said... speak to my soul, dear friend...thank you for sharing.

oh, and so stoked you started climbing. we sort of jumped over that in our conversation yesterday. we jumped over a lot of things.

i have shoes, that rarely got used. i worked at Wild Walls, and rarely climbed. how classic. such a wonderfully liberating and humbling experience though, when i did. tell the little, shaggy, redheaded Noah I said hello.

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