Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The White Buffalo and a drawing in the NY Times

I can't say I put the proper amount of thought and time into writing these posts in recent weeks. It often feels to me like i treat this blog the way Pollock painted minus the intrinsic beauty his artwork has.

Below is a drawing I snagged from the NY Times book review. It was about a book that involved a women who drowned after (i think) she got married to the love of her life. I really can't remember the book review that well. what sticks with me is this amazing sketch. It connects with me on some weird level, i guess its the uniqueness of the imagery. What's it do for you?
NY Times artist, feel free to let me know who drew this so I can give proper credit to this image

Below is a song. Like all the best music I learn about this artist was passed to me by an amazing friend. I recently learned about THE WHITE BUFFALO from a friend who is constantly informing me of artists I would never come across if not for her wicked taste in music. To me, his voice singing these lyrics spark something I never get enough of. The silent, intangible short film of feeling which soaks the brain in inspiration and the heart with wonder. 


Brad said...

A beautiful bird from abroad has informed me that the name of the book being reviewed is 'Say Her Name' by Francisco Goldman. The artist who drew that powerful sketch is Robin Romm.

Spokane Al said...

The White Buffalo - wow! My order for his music has been placed.

Brad said...

Spokane Al, right on! Glad you dig the white buffalo. Powerful voice huh.

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