Monday, August 20, 2012

Photo Essay: Last days in Tuscany

Like a bottle of Brunello my bike trip through Tuscany was something to be savored. A blend of flat tires, friendly faces, long laughs, old friends, incredible scenery and food that felt as though I was tasting flavors for the first time.
Passing through small villages for a quick water stop often led to a community conference about our two-wheeled journey.

Meeting up with a few of Guido's friends along the coast we traded sweat for sand. Known in Italian as a Spiaggiata we made a bbq on the beach that lasted all night. It seems the Italian language has a specific word for every kind of social activity.
Guido and I found our old friend Mimmi, Laura and little Viola after a short ferry ride to the island of Elba. 
Adapting to our surroundings, the longest bike ride was a few blocks to the beach.

Easy Rider(s) in Elba
Morning rush hour on the island.

Searching for our spot to take an aperitivo, the drink before dinner. 

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wildwonderful said...

good pictures, beautiful people, amazing experience.

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