Thursday, August 2, 2012

Training for Tuscany

Lance used the Madone as a test before each Tour de France. Seeing as I was rapidly approaching my own Tour de Tuscany I thought I needed a similar test. The Basilica of Superga sits atop a high hill above Torino, its dome like a watchful eye overlooking the city.

My alarm is set an hour before the rush of morning traffic. Climbing up and up, cranking the pedals, rising above the city I remember the burn that comes with big hills. A moment to bask in reaching the top I bomb back down, the breezy descent allows temporary reprieve from the hot, muggy air that defines summers in Torino.

Later that afternoon I meet my friend Fabio at the Palace Reale to see the photography exhibit by the legendary Henri Cartier Bresson. My good friend and former photography professor Pat Bognar would often reference Bresson in her lectures, speaking of him with great admiration for his ability to capture the complexities of life in seemingly ordinary settings.

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