Friday, October 1, 2010

PHOTO ESSAY: Biking over the Alps

My friend Tyler biking up the longest mountain stage of the Tour de France. Tyler and I joined up in Aix les Bains for the second half of the ride over the Alps. 

A view from a small village near the border of France and Italy

Tyler snapped this shot as we rode up the Col de la Madeleine, a famous mountain stage in the Tour de France. Names of former champions are painted all the way up the switchback pass.

A very nice lady began riding beside us along the road. Before we knew it Tyler and I were having cake and tea and getting recommendations on where to stay that night.

A view as we climbed the last pass that would take us over into Italy.

On top of Mont Cenis. To the left is Italy, to the right is France.

One of the countless fountains, which are found in almost any mountain village, were put to good use on the bike trip.
Food and if I may say, beer never tasted so good as it did after seven hours on a bike.


Anonymous said...

Hope to see you and Tyler this week....I'm here until next Sunday the tenth in Lugano Switzerland. Drop by,
Stephanie Muehlethaler

Anonymous said...

BM-Do you have the bobble head on board?-Berwin

Anonymous said...

Wow. Awesome shots and great trip, enjoy guys!

Patrick Hillman

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