Saturday, October 16, 2010

PHOTO ESSAY: Perfect light in Paris

Today was a day to remember. If you aspire to take good photos then you aspire to find good lighting. Today was like winning the lighting lottery. Having finished my two hours at the bookstore I grabbed my bag, jerked out my camera and was constantly moving for the next several hours trying to capture all that I could of Paris in perfect light. I will never forget this day.

Parisian skyline on a blustery fall day, with the Eiffel Tower lost in the storm.

Along the Seine

Fountain near the Jardin du Luxembourg

Institut de France

Jardin du Luxembourg

L' Observatoire

Last blooms of fall


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Pat Bognar said...

Brad--Your photos are incredible! There are some views you caught that I missed--congrats! Keep it up, even on those gray, heavy days--find strong colors and surround them with the gray, and they'll really pop!@! There's so much to do, so much to read, just fill every moment with meaning! You're lighting up my life!!!! Pat

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