Monday, October 25, 2010

"photos, meet my friends, words and thoughts"

wind pushes the boat closer to the boy-
they walk together as pigeons fly-
hearts beating, arms crossed over shoulders-
everything in motion, everything alive.

A deep breath. A small bottle to his nose. He speaks to unseeable people. Sliver lips, greasy hair. We sit on the same bench. My hand holds out a cookie. His metallic mouth smiles. Reaching with a dirty hand he takes it.


Pedaling with slight panic around Paris Posters about a prize in my backpack Putting them in pockets of the city Dodging protests in the pouring rain I feel the pleasure of empowerment in my pinky fingers as they grasp the handle bars.

Happiness I can't order you on a menu
Happiness I can't drink you down like red wine
Happiness are you in me, are you with me?
Happiness you surprise me here and there no matter what the day may wear.

So Happiness, dont run and hide, you sneaky little shit, I know how to find you, I know how to feel you.
Pages curl. Wet with the dusty secrets of someday long past. Their stories shine among starry shelves. Night's low light lingers outside.The sailor smiles before he sleeps. Happy to think how his dreams will sink under the sea of beautiful books.

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Tenshi Rising said...

I'm loving the subtle alliteration...clever.

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