Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Looking to get lost

Often times the guide on my two week mountaineering course would serve up the same sentence whenever questioned about our whereabouts. Before finding our location on the map he would turn to us and say in his deep drill sergeant tone "You're not lost if you don't care where you are!"

I now find that whimsical logic better applied to spring time on the streets of Paris than finding our way back to basecamp in the middle of the wild. In all my travels I'm rarely so excited to start my day with a long string of left and right turns and not really care where I end up by the day's end. And that's exactly how I spent my first day among these storybook streets.

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Extremily said...

Oh Brad, a breath of fresh air reading your blog. Glad to be able to follow your adventures.

p.s, you inspired me to change my voicemail although i opted for the "hanging off a rusty piton from 1960" as my tag line.



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