Sunday, June 3, 2012

Photo essay: Philadelphia & New York City

Stepping outside my sister's apartment in Philly always has me thinking I'm going to bump into Ben Franklin or Betsy Ross (who's home is preserved just down the street).
Watching the storm roll in from the roof top.
Kids making the best of a hot day in Philly.
Capturing the quintessential "Rocky" pose next to the "Rocky" statue which is next to the "Rocky" Steps

In a quaint Brooklyn apartment I shared a wonderful meal with some old friends.
Walking The High Line in Manhattan. An elevated public park built on a historic freight rail line.
Knocking back a few "lights" and "darks" at McSorleys. With the tag line"We were here before you were born" McSorley's is known as the oldest bar in NYC.
One of several "only in NYC" moments. Why do I get the feeling this guy is getting a discount on his tattoo.

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Mason said...

I'm not sure it's worth the discount on the tattoo!! Great pics as usual Brad!

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