Friday, June 8, 2012

Trekking with Terry through Turkey will be a treat

Terry hard at work at the Shakespeare&Co bookshop
Seated on a couch in an apartment in the 10th arrondissement in Paris I'm surrounded by stacks of books, a few Virginia Woolf first editions on the shelf to my left and a first edition of "Hells Angels" by HST in the drawer next to my backpack. 

Just then I hear Terry shout "Oh my god Cara, there's a coriander seed starting to grow in this pot!". This, mind you, is the same philosophizing marital arts master who damn near dropped a drunkard into the Seine the night prior for grabbing at his beard. 

Terry, originally from England, is a right good laugh with a monster appetite for "air fighting", reading, writing, chess and capoeira. I'm very much looking forward to having him spin his unique web of wisdom and humor for the two weeks he is joining me along a 300 mile trek through Turkey.
Tucked deep inside the city of Paris is a secret "St Paul Trail" training camp.
The other day Terry arrived back at the apartment with what can best be described as a Lawrence of Arabia headdress. This single act of purchasing such an impractical item for our trek is the most symbolic representation as to why I was more than happy to have him join me on this journey into the unknown.

I'm forever thankful for the friends I made while staying at Shakespeare and Co when I came to Paris over a year and a half ago. During that time Terry and I became quick friends, which is why, for the last few days since I arrived in Paris, I haven't stopped laughing with Terry and his girlfriend Cara who have so graciously provided a place for me to crash.

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