Sunday, June 10, 2012

Photo Essay: The past few days in paris

A 40 minute train ride south of Paris takes you to Fontainebleau; a massive forest with some of the world's best bouldering. Best explored on a (rented) Mountain Bike.

Taking a moment to imagine one of the three Musketeers storming across the bridge to find the other two laughing and drinking at a corner bar down the street from Notre Dame.

Just the usual scene outside the world's greatest bookshop.

Crossing the Seine at sunset

Longboarding in front of the Louvre


Jennie said...

As always, fantastic pictures, Brad! Hope you are continuing to do well and getting excited for your Turkey trip. Safe travels and keep the photos and blog posts coming! Jen

Mason said...

I too look forward to your posts, your unique perspective always makes for good reading Brad, have fun out there!

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